Transponder Car Key Glendale Arizona

Transponder Key Programming 

Does your car key have a piece of plastic on the head? If so, you most likely have a transponder car key. A transponder key uses a transponder chip inside of the key to send a digital message to your ignition. This message lets the ignition know that this key has been programmed to the car and it’s okay to start the engine. This technology been a huge aid in the fight to decrease auto theft around the world. Because of transponder chips, “bump” keys (the tools thieves use to start cars) are no longer as effective as they used to be.

Transponder Car KeyTransponder key cutting is different than a non-transponder key cutting. In addition to being cut, they need to be programmed as well. These keys are virtually useless unless they are programmed correctly because they need to be able to work with your ignition to start your car.  Our experts can program your transponder car key. If you need a transponder car key cut, don’t hesitate to call one of our locksmiths. 

Transponder Car Key

transponder-key1Are you looking for a transponder chip key, but you’re not sure who to call? Don’t waste your time calling for a dealership. Most dealerships do not create transponder keys, and the ones that do will give you long wait times and astronomical prices. Instead, call Locksmith Glendale for all of your transponder car key needs. After getting some information about your car, we will dispatch a mobile technician to you in minutes. After that, the technician will take a quick look at your car, and create a new key for on the spot. He will then program and test the key; that way, all you have to worry about is turning the key and driving of. We offer fast, affordable, and professional transponder service that comes to you when you need it.