Replace Ignition Key Glendale

Replace Ignition Key and Repair 

Do you need to replace ignition key? Ignition key replacement is important because it is the component in your car that is responsible for making it start. A replacement ignition key is the best way to avoid costly repairs and replacements down the road. Call a professional if you think you may need an ignition cylinder lock. 

Replace Ignition KeyAn ignition jam is a common problem. If your ignition jammed, a common problem is that your steering wheel may be locked. Try jiggling your steering wheel as you start the ignition. If that does not work and you are sure your key is in good condition, it may be time to replace ignition key. Experts do not recommend trying to troubleshoot it past this step; tinkering with your ignition without proper experience may result in more extensive damage being done, and you may end up having to get a complete ignition replacement. 

Broken Key Removal

Broken key removedHas your key broken in the ignition? If so, this can turn into a major problem if not treated properly. This is usually caused by trying to start your with an old key. If your key is bent in any way, or if you notice small cracks throughout it, do not use it and have a duplicate made as soon as possible. These are signs that the key is weak, and will most likely fall apart very soon.

Is your key stuck in the ignition? If your key does not come out of your ignition with minimal effort, you will need professional help. Don’t risk doing further damage to your ignition by trying to force it out yourself. Call our services. We can assess the situation and see if you need to replace ignition, and we can remove your key without doing any damage to your vehicle or the ignition.